Dr. Johnny and Dr. Billy Kroeze began preaching at ages 12 and 15 and this duo ministry has continued over the years with a constant fervency to bring people to Jesus Christ.

For over 50 years, along with their wives, Kowanda and Sandra and daughters Debbie and Tammie; also form musical team that has produced over 25 music albums.  Billy and Johnny have written 25 books.

The team has ministered in over 50 nations in city-wide, interdenominational Crusades and Rallies.  Thousands have responded to the invitation.

In addition to evangelistic crusades the team began a weekly television ministry in March 1972 and has continued for 40 years and is one of the longest running regligious programs in America.

In December of 1981 the Kroeze Team dedicated a new building in North Marysville, dedicated to world Evangelism.  The outgrowth birthed a local church.  In 2002 they also became Pastors of a church in Everett and merged the two churches now called South Everett Commnity Church.

Billy and Johnny both know that it is the Holy Scriptures empowered by the Holy Spirit that brings people to Christ.  To this end they pray and work.

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